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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Fiadone Incident

Technical difficulties prevented me from posting the pics of this beautiful Italian pie. But, you need to read the story.

Since Ray and I have known each other, he has been talking about this pie from his childhood. The first effort was a search for candied citron, which you only find around the holidays. So we stocked up on this last year, and I never got around to making the pie.

I don't like to make things I need to roll out, like pie doughs, sugar cookies etc. But, I promised, so I finally sat down with this recipe. The crust isn't really like a pie crust, it is more like a cookie, so it didn't need to be rolled out quite as thinly as a regular pie. It also has anise seed in the crust, which gives the actual pie a very distinctive flavor.

The filling is very simple, it is two pounds of ricotta cheese (yes, two pounds!) eggs, candied citron, raisins, eggs, salt and sugar. Then you mix it up and bake ! It originally called for a lattice top, but to save time I cut some maple leaves out of the dough with a cookie cutter. Baked, and done ! It really did not take as long as I thought it would, so I procrastinated for no reason.

There are those times when you bake something for someone you love and it doesn't have any impact. This was NOT one of those times. Ray ate almost half of the pie at the first sitting. The remaining pie lasted only two more days. I will make it again, and Ray promises next time to share with others, as it is really too wonderful not to do so.

Next, the foodie Thanksgiving !

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  1. This is Ray - So how good was this pie? Good enough to hold it's own against a fond childhood memory - and *that's* saying something...