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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birdtown Cafe in Robbinsdale

We are always looking for an interesting place to go for breakfast, close to home. I was very excited to see, a few weeks ago, Birdtown Cafe open on the main drag in Robbinsdale which is just minutes from our house. 

I had the opportunity to try out the breakfast menu finally, last weekend, when my parents were in town. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive, taking them to a new place without having "previewed" it myself. And, I tried to at least look at the menu online, but only found a Facebook page and two Yelp reviews. I was on my own... 

The interior of the restaurant is nice and clean, simple. On entry, I noticed an enormous cinnamon roll in the display case, which I pointed out to my mother. She loves these, but decided maybe not this day. We were seated promptly, everything was fine, the server even took the ribbing my dad always gives the servers wherever we go! 

The menu is pretty standard diner fare, nothing exotic, except for something called a "Fill-it Skillet: Challenge", an eating contest we weren't ready to partake in this day. My husband chose Eggs Benedict, because, well, it's his favorite thing for breakfast, and I chose Cinnamon French Toast. 
Eggs Benedict from Birdtown

The meal was served very quickly, which was nice on a Saturday morning at 10am, as we expected it to be a longer wait. 

So, the Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise was fine, although difficult to tell whether it was made from scratch. The eggs were perfectly cooked, and Canadian bacon was a nice slice, in proportion with the rest of the serving size. Ray thought the English muffins were a little tough, and wished he had another option than hash browns for a side. Actually, this is a common issue at breakfast establishments. Does everything have to come with hash browns ? At any rate, they were hash browns, cooked well, a successful breakfast dish. 

Cinnamon French Toast

The real star was this Cinnamon French Toast. I hesitate to call it that, because it was one of the GIANT cinnamon rolls from the front bakery case, sliced, lightly battered, and fried. It was delicious, and didn't need syrup at all. And the portion size was enormous! I ate one piece, let everyone else at the table have a taste, and still took some home. My husband loves French Toast, and he thinks this is the best he has ever had. 

The Birdtown is open for breakfast and lunch, but according to their Facebook page, they will open for dinner September 10th. I am interested enough to try it, but we will definitely be back for the French Toast. 

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