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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This, unfortunately, is what happens when you cook too many nights in a row, for just two people. We had what my friend Marianna calls "bottom of the box" dinner. But, it's probably a little different at our house than it would be at yours.

We had used some of Ray's homemade marinara on Sunday with our cioppino (which was a special treat, really too much money to spend on a weekly, or even monthly basis). We had extracted the 4 meatballs we had frozen with the marinara, and Ray made a meatball sub for himself for dinner. YUM ! Not sure what else he ate, but he was supposedly "grazing" while I was at Bell Choir.

I had a leftover Ukranian sausage, that we had earlier in the week. Lunch tomorrow will be something simple, turkey and pepperjack sandwiches with roasted red peppers on flatbread. Thinking of my famous brie stuffed burgers for tomorrow night !

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