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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leftovers...well, my way !

It's been awhile. Gosh, we have been so busy ! But the garden is exploding with wonderful things. Tonight was cleaning out the refrigerator to add more stuff !

We had some corn on the cob, which we just grilled. And, the usual jalapenos, which I stuffed with some spiced cream cheese.

What the heck is chayote ? And why the heck did I buy it ? Well, after some internet research, I found it is much like zucchini. So, I peeled it ( I had 2 small ones), julienned, I added about a cup of sour cream, a small diced onion, half a red pepper, and a jalapeno, diced small. I stirred in some salt, pepper, and about half a cup of shredded Mexican cheese. Put some more cheese on top, and baked.

It had a different texture, but really good ! Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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