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Monday, May 14, 2012

Grilled Cauliflower with Parmesan Cheese and Fresh Herbs

In celebration of our new grill, and our monthly anniversary, I thought I would try a different grilled cauliflower recipe.

This is a new thing for me, because I really thought I didn't like cauliflower very much. But, my exposure to it had been limited to raw, served with various dips, or cooked within an inch of its life, and served with a cheese sauce. Then I discovered grilling it...

This preparation was so easy, and an excellent addition to the garlic rubbed steak I had planned for dinner. Served with milk stout, it was our reward for planting the entire garden in one day.

Grilled Cauliflower with Parmesan Cheese and Fresh Herbs
1 head of cauliflower, cut into bite size pieces
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper
2 ounces parmesan cheese, shredded
1/2 cup freshly chopped herbs (I used tarragon and parsley, but you can experiment and use whatever you have on hand)

Toss cauliflower with olive oil, salt and pepper. Make a large foil packet, and seal cauliflower inside. Place packet on grill, and roast, turning frequently, for about 30 minutes. Remove cauliflower from packet into a large bowl, and toss with parmesan cheese and herbs.

You can also roast in the oven, just place cauliflower on a sheet pan, and roast at 400 for 30-40 minutes, then toss with cheese and herbs.


  1. I am making grilled cauliflower tonight and was looking up how long to cook it when I found your recipes. They sound excellent (especially that one with the tahini sauce) so I am saving both.

    Have you tried a grill wok? It is basically a small wok with 1-cm diameter holes all over it. It is my go-to instrument for the grill. Like stir-fry on the grill. yummmm

  2. We don't generally use any "fancy" grill pans, I find foil packets usually work just fine. Hope your dinner went well!

  3. I agree, the grill racks are great. They allow smaller items that would generally fall through the grill or just be a pain to flip individually to be easily grilled on both sides. You can't do that with foil. Foil packets steam the food, we're talking about grilling the food.

  4. OK, you convinced me, I just ordered one ! I'll post as soon as I get a chance to try it !