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Friday, April 13, 2012

Henry's Cafe in Maple Grove

I have a bad habit of doing something I call "food eavesdropping" i.e. peeking at the plates of other diners as we walk toward our table. I spotted a delicious looking breakfast sitting on the bar at Henry's by itself when we arrived, and was trying to determine what it was, when it's owner arrived back to claim it. Busted! He explained to me this was one of the morning specials. He said, "It's delicious, but everything you get here is great!" It was a stunning combination of eggs scrambled with sausage, served over home fries, covered with sausage gravy. Served with some of Henry's homemade bread, oh, my mouth is watering now just thinking about it...

And this is how it is at Henry's Cafe. Simple comfort food, with that special touch of homemade bread. Here is the "Specials Board" from the morning we were there: 
My husband chose the Eggs Benedict, which he enjoyed being able to order without potatoes, because he always ends up eating part of my breakfast anyway. The eggs were perfectly cooked, and the hollandaise sauce was velvety and rich. Considering our breakfast came out in less than 10 minutes on a Saturday morning, I consider that quite an achievement! 

I elected to have your basic breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. All of the bread at Henry's is homemade, so that is the big treat for a breakfast like this. Again, everything was perfectly cooked, and while it may seem odd to say the toast was the star of the dish, it really is at this cafe.
And, you can take some of the bread, as well as other baked goods home with you. We were here on Easter weekend, so the bread was literally flying off the shelves.
We have only been here for breakfast, but with this amazing homemade bread, you can bet we will be back to try a sandwich for lunch!

This is truly a neighborhood gem, hidden in a little strip mall off the 63rd Street exit on Highway 169, in Maple Grove.The prices are more than reasonable, service was fast and friendly, and while the food is nothing fancy, it is fabulous home cooking. The cafe only seats about 30 at a time, so on Saturday, or the "after-church" rush on Sunday can be a bit of a wait. But try to make time in your schedule for a stop at Henry's Cafe. And don't forget your bread to go!

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