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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Stealing of Content on Facebook, and Ignorance Can't Be Bliss

As many of my fellow foodbloggers have fallen victim to the stealing of recipes from their sites, I thought I would go on a little reconnaissance mission of my own.  I think they would agree with me that I am perfectly happy for anyone to link to my site (I get a lot of mysterious hits from sites I didn't post on), but what I don't want is someone posting my original recipes or photos and pretending they are the source. 

So, I just randomly types in "Recipes" on Facebook, and picked one of the many recipe sites that had a lot of likes and followers. The largest one I found was one called "Fun Recipes". In their defense, they did have some recipes they linked back to blogs, but the preponderance of recipes and photos posted showed no original source. Either they have hundreds of people administering this site who do nothing but cook and photograph, or...they are stealing other bloggers content. Take a guess which one it is. 

It isn't hard to figure out. I picked a recent recipe, Googled it, and found the original source. Wanting to think they had just made an honest mistake, I posed a question on their page: 

"Curious about the source of your recipes. Some have links back to blogs, but where are you finding the rest ?" The reply was: 

"Friends, why do you ask? " 

So, I replied, "There has been a lot of publicity lately about the stealing of content on the internet. I guess I would feel better if there was a source listed. And if I was your friend, I would want my name attached to some of these beautiful pictures." 

Then I got a message: "What do you want, why are you being rude?" Here is the ensuing conversation: 

I have already busted two of your recent recipes as stolen from other sites. It's illegal to steal recipe content, even if you take your own photos....maybe you don't know that. Just because someone posts it online, it is not public domain. Watching your Facebook page, as are many of my foodblogger friends. It's OK to post content if you give appropriate credit. I am a copyright professional, we will be watching...
why dont you just tell us instead reporting
and spying
your sounding like we killed someone.....chill out
now we need to learn how to talk to people
The thing is, if you have a Facebook page, know the rules. Food bloggers work hard for the content. For some of them it is a springboard to a career. Letting you know there are rules that govern what you cut and paste. And you flat out lied when I asked the source of your recipes. Just give proper credit. Or it's plagiarism.
no I did not friends have sent in a lot and we have shared a lot..... i will tell the co admin to be more carefull about the recipes .......
go find someone else to pick on thank you for your input
you really need to learn how to talk to people, then we would not mind talking to you
so run and tell your little spy's we got it and understand
This was at test, actually. The food bloggers told me you could be hateful, but I wanted to believe. Thanks for proving them right. If you are smart, you would take down any illegally posted recipes or content before you get sued
haha I have never been mean to any one
this the first i have ever been approached about threw you
and now i know your one at all has approached me
Maybe not yet. But your page has tons
of hits, and it's just a matter of time. Check
Ignorance of the rules does not make it OK. I wanted to give you the chance to be honest about your content. Now I am giving you the chance to do the right thing. Honor the bloggers, their work and their recipes by giving them proper credit. And familiarize yourself with copyright law if you plan on continuing this page.
listen I dont know who you are and i dont care who you are.....your being very rude, I told you we understand and will be more careful about one and i mean no one but you have ever said one word to me, if so I would have known........if i have posted something of yours let me know...if not then back off.....and I have never been rude or mean to anyone but you and you deserved it.....
am I the only recipe page your attacking? there are many on fb
No, there is a campaign against any who steal content. Did you look at the link I sent ? It's how I found yours.
I have made sure my co admin understands also.....
And for the record, I wasn't rude. You lied about where you obtained your content and I called you out. Just like any good publication, cite your source.
you should run for president I would vote for you.......
and for the record I didnt lie i get tones of pics and recipes messaged every day.....i post all of them, I wont any more but don't call me a liar.
now good bye
have a nice life in Minnesota

Like the veiled threat at the end ? So, she knows who I am and where I live ? And I honestly think she thought it was OK if someone emailed her or posted a recipe just to leave it there regardless of the source. But, as the administrator of the page, she is responsible for its content. And ignorance of the law is no excuse. She isn't the only one. There are others....I may be on a mission. 

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  1. Perhaps you should also send them a link to an online dictionary. Wow!