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Friday, December 2, 2011

Post Turkey Day Lull aka Don't Buy the Canned Sauce

To be honest, we haven't eaten anything all that interesting this week. After we put away all the turkey leftovers, I wanted anything that was exactly opposite of Thanksgiving food.

So, I went back to an old standby, and made enchiladas. I did switch it up a bit and put chicken, corn and goat cheese in the filling, but they were just our basic enchiladas, so nothing exciting to post.

Then I made a baked tilapia and baked butternut squash. Again, tasty, but nothing blog worthy.

And now the confession. We almost NEVER buy store made canned sauces. But, when we were first trying to venture into Indian cooking, we were trying to find garam masala in the store, and Ray brought home a jar of Tikka Masala sauce from the ethnic food section of the grocery store. It had been sitting there for awhile, so I decided to try it. I wanted to compare how it tasted with the homemade we now have learned to make, which is excellent, but somewhat labor intensive.

The answer is: not so good. It had the basic flavors of the homemade, but the intensity of spice and heat was not there, and it had a decidedly vinegar-y (is that a word?) taste that I didn't care for. It just reinforces my general opinion that it is better not to but the canned sauce, and stick to making my own. Tikka Masala will just have to be a rare treat because of the time involved in making it. Actually, the one occasional frozen meal we allow in the house is a frozen Indian dinner from Trader Joe's that has a better flavor than this jarred sauce, and was less work, so, lesson learned!

We are going to grind some meat this weekend, so we can have meatloaf, and make some homemade Italian sausage. Stay tuned !

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