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Sunday, May 6, 2012

An Apology and refund from the Manchu Wok

For those of you following this story...

I was shortchanged after my lunch last Monday at the Manchu Wok downtown. I posted my experience here, and I also wrote a note to their corporate office, and so did several of you ! (Thank you!)

I received, in the mail to day, a hand written note from the owner of the franchise, which reads:

"Dear Lisa,

I am sorry for giving you a bad experience on Monday. I should have trusted you as a customer and handed you your change back. Please accept this $10.00 included.

Signature, Sue"

So, I got back my change, plus what I spent on my lunch, and an apology, after having to contact the corporate office. I still won't go back there again....



  1. They were about to get hammered if they did nothing. This was the best move they could have done.

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  3. What did you expect them to give you? You ask for retribution and received it. What else could they have done short of giving away the house? I don't think this should even be a deciding factor for continued patronage.

  4. I wasn't a frequent patron to begin with, and the fact that I had to complain to corporate to get "retribution" certainly has left a bad taste in my mouth. Quite frankly, I was embarrassed by the way she treated me in front of other customers. I agree, she did make it right, but not until pressure was applied. Am I confident that this really represents a change in the way they will do business going forward? Not in the least. I received exactly what I asked for, but it doesn't mean I can forget the way I was treated. Would you?

  5. No, I wouldn't forget, and unless there was something special about the place, I'd have no reason to go back. That said, I would not want to have any given boneheaded mistake I made be held against me forever. Lord knows we all make them. She blew it. She apologized. She'll probably never do that again. Good on you for bringing it up publicly. The end.

  6. I should say, I am a customer service manager at my "day" job, and I teach a class about putting the customer first, so if this was one of my favorite restaurants, the result, obviously, would be different. I am also the kind of customer, when I receive excellent service, I call the manager and recognize the staff for doing so. And I encourage my class attendees to do the same. It happens far too little, and we are all too anxious to point out the shortcomings, and not recognize exemplary service.