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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Two Brothers: Outlaw India Pale Ale

I was given the opportunity to review a beer by Barley's Angels, so I headed over to my favorite craft beer store, TC Craft beer, and asked what was new in the store. This was one of the beers he pointed me toward, and I was not disappointed. 

The can says it's "As bold as the name suggests but as friendly as the masked man." Which, of course gave me no hint as to how the actual beer might taste. This is Two Brothers first foray into canned beer, and I think they got it right. The first pour into the glass yielded a nice, bubbly head, appropriate for an IPA. It has a strong, citrus hop aroma, and the first taste was a very strong, piney hop. Outlaw is a solid, hoppy IPA, but it also has some nice malty backbone, which makes it different than a lot of the more hop-forward beers. 

I went to their website to try to find out more about this beer, and there is a big question mark about the August release beer. Disappointing, but now I feel like I might be on the cutting edge for once in my life.They apparently also have a homebrewing store at the front of the brewery, which is very cool to me, since I also homebrew!

After sipping for a bit, I enjoyed it more and more for the complexity of the hops, as they played against the malt. It only has 60 IBU's which is deceiving, because the hops are so aromatic you would think it was higher. Overall, a very nice, drinkable IPA. Thanks, Two Brothers ! And, as it says, on the can...Giddy-up!

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