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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Camping weekend

We are planning a big camping weekend, and my job is (of course) to arrange food for the weekend. Camping food always presents a challenge, because you want it to be good, but it has to be easy (relatively, anyway) and somewhat portable.

We tend to like a nice, homemade breakfast (i.e. not cereal), so this time, we are having eggs, bacon, and biscuits the first day, and then eggs, roast beef hash and the rest of the biscuits the next day. I make extra bacon with breakfast, so I can put some in the homemeade poppers.

It occurred to me that I have mentioned the homemade poppers several times, but never really explained them. I have a specially designed jalapeno griller ( You cut the tops off some jalapenos, and core/seed them, and you can stuff them with whatever you want. Kind of like the breaded, fried kind you get in a pub, but better for you.

I usually chopped up leftover bacon, stir it into cream cheese. You can add some scallions, garlic, whatever, but you really need something cheesy to take away from some of the jalapeno heat. We put a toothpick through each one. This prevents them from falling through the holes, and gives you something to grab to remove them from the griller. Then, just put them on the fire, and grill until the bottoms are well roasted, and the cheese is bubbling over the top. Let them cool, or they are like molten lava ! And enjoy !

The rest of camping will be venison steaks, grilled sweet potatoes, brie stuffed burgers, spinach salad...who said it has to all be weenies and beans ?

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  1. Hi, this is Ray, a.k.a The Boyfriend. :) About the poppers - these are ever so much better then the deep fried bar variety. You can actually taste the pepper, not just oil, cheese, and heat. Hint: If you buy the Chili Grill, make sure you also buy the nifty corer they sell. It does a great job of coring, and you really want to get the core out all the way down, or the last bite will really light you up! :)