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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Two wrongs make it right !

We usually do a soup and sandwich night on Tuesday, when I have bell choir. But, we are running low on our stock of homemade soups that we freeze over the winter...

Not all inventions are successful. For example, when Ray made homemade marinara, he cooked a multitude of veggies in his sauce for an entire day, removed the veg and froze the sauce. The frugal side of me said I could make a creamy tomato/veggie soup from the remainder. The results were mixed, at best.

And then, shortly after Christmas, Ray decided to try the cabbage soup diet. So, I faithfully made a "vat" of cabbage soup (Ray likes to make vats of various things, as you will find as we go). He ate the dreaded "Hate Soup" as we now call it, for five days, and we had a bunch left. I froze it, thinking I could use it for something later.

This morning, I am looking for soup for dinner, and enough to make it for lunch tomorrow as well. Suddenly, it occurs to me to combine these two less than perfect soups, add some good ground beef, and WOW ! It is a really good, hearty soup ! Now, I have to remember what I put in them to begin with...

Am I the only one who does this ? I made something that didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, so I started randomly tossing in spices, cheese, and whatever else I could find to make it into something. Now, it really IS something, and I can't remember what I did !

Chicken breast tomorrow, on the grill if it doesn't rain, or stuffed and baked if it does !

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