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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Improvising baked chicken

I wanted to grill some gigantic chicken breasts we had in the freezer. Unfortunately, we had a dreadful, rainy week here in Minnesota, so grilling was not an option.

So, what is in the refrigerator ? Hmmm...cream cheese, pancetta that REALLY needs to be used up. How about a take on chicken cordon bleu ? I butterflied the chicken breasts (I really should have pounded them out flat, but I was tired and hungry, so I didn't take that extra step). I mixed some garlic, salt and pepper into the cream cheese and spread it on the chicken, and laid the pancetta slices on top. Then I rolled them up, pinned them with a toothpick. But, they needed some breading or something.

I always have breadcrumbs on hand, but what else ? I have some ground pecans that I used to crust baked brie, so I put some of them in a bowl with breadcrumbs, dried thyme and cracked black pepper. I melted butter, then dipped the chicken breast rolls in the butter, rolled in the pecan/crumb mixture, and put in the pan. Baking took about an hour and halfway through I started some rice. You can certainly have a salad or appetizer here to satiate that crazy hunger you have when you get home, or we like to have a glass of wine or cocktail to unwind before dinner.

Prep time all together took about 10 minutes. Tell me you can't do that after work !

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