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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Dinner Prep

That sounds strange, doesn't it ? But, I had some time before church, and decided to get some of my dinner preparations started. And, unbelievably, I am done in just over an hour !

We had some rhubarb in the freezer from last years "harvest" (I picked a bunch in my parents garden, which we chopped and froze). I let that thaw overnight, and put together a rhubarb crisp this morning. Crisp is a very quick, easy dessert that is very much a comfort food. I got some big, nice blackberries yesterday, so I added those as well. It bakes for about 45 minutes, and it is ready to go !

I wanted to make a couple of appetizers for my guests to have while I grill. I had soaked and cooked some garbanzo beans yesterday, so I made homemade hummus in the food processor today. Of course you can used canned and save the cooking, but these dried beans have a brighter, fresher flavor than the canned. Garlic, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil, it tastes great !

I also made a tapenade, with some olives we got at the Farmers Market yesterday. Again, very simple with the food processor, capers, anchovy paste, garlic, parsley, lemon and olive oil. I also added a bit of rosemary and thyme for a bit of a twist. **One lesson about the food processer**. DO NOT attempt to put the blade in after putting ingredients into the bowl. Needless to say, had to take an emergency break for a Winnie the Pooh bandaid, and then back to the cooking.

While I was doing this, I cooked bacon in the microwave, and softened the cream cheese for poppers. I was trying desperately not to muck up the newly cleaned stove, so other than a few dishes (OK, a lot of dishes), the kitchen is relatively unscathed.

Now, for dinner, I have a salad to make, baked potatoes to prep, and everything else is ready ! Pork chops have been marinating in a Greek vinaigrette, and it should be a wonderful meal. Oops...better put the wine in to chill !

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