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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Super Bowl :Ball Menu !

We weren't planning on going anywhere for the Super Bowl, but since one of my favorite things about football is eating gametime snacks, I couldn't let this "holiday" slip by without making something. I puzzled over the menu a long time, because I also wanted something we could snack on all day, but t I didn't want to spend all day working in the kitchen. My first thought was these amazing old school style spinach balls, which I first had at my friend Suzie's house. 

They seem like something that would have been served at a 70's cocktail party, but they are totally tasty, and really easy to make. That started me down the path of "old school" snacks, and my next stop was Swedish meatballs. One of my coworkers make the most amazing sauce for these I have ever tasted. I decided to go the extra mile and make homemade venison meatballs to toss in this super creamy sauce, and then I see a theme developing. BALLS ! How funny ! What else can I make... 

I have been drooling over several recipes for roasted, spiced chickpeas lately, so I decided I could make my own spice mix on the fly. Balls, three ways ! Recipes will follow... 

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